Most Resilient Asset Class in the UK Property Market

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One of the most resilients in the UK property market is student property.  The UK property market has been mentioned in the news quite a fair bit. One of the issues that has consistently been bandied about is the UK property market and how it will augur in the face of the political upheaval that the country is going through, namely Brexit and the UK snap elections. Over the years, what’s clear is that the UK property market — which suffered at the global financial downturn — has become a tougher nut to crack. UK’s property market has remained resolute, with prices continuing to climb skyward. Underpinning this spiraling price hike is the critical undersupply of housing — a condition that is not just prevalent within the residential real estate sector, but also the student accommodation sector. Student property is now one of the most — if not the most

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UK Property and the Snap Election

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Prime Minister Theresa May’s surprising announcement for a snap election brings the British people to the polls again for the 3rd time in as many years. Image credit: dust has barely settled since Brexit, yet the UK is now bracing for another political turn of events, thanks to PM Theresa May’s call for a snap election this June. This will be the third time Britain will go to the polls in as many years. The surprising announcement saw shock waves reverberate across the FTSE and capital markets as an immediate reaction. Meanwhile, the IMF has revised up its forecast for UK growth this year – from 1.5% to a punchy 2%. “Naturally, there there are pros and cons. But in a nutshell, the election will pave the way to a clean slate, for the new government to gracefully negotiate Brexit to protect the interests of Britain and its investors/stakeholders. However, the

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Article 50 – What You Need to Know

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has officially triggered Article 50 which marks the beginning of a two-year negotiation process for the terms of UK’s exit from the EU. The UK will ask for free trade and control of immigration and lawmaking while, for the EU, the focus will be on ensuring that there is no easy ride for the British as it tries to safeguard the stability and commitment of its 27 remaining member states. Here’s a quick snapshot of the process and what to expect: It won’t be an easy exit It’s open season for both the UK and EU. According to Irish PM Enda Kenny, negotiations could turn vicious while European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said that the process will be “very, very, very difficult”. Not surprising — after all, this is a divorce from a 44-year ‘marriage’. Theresa May will also need to deal with the

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Housing Shortage Continues to Drive UK Property Market Growth in 2017 Summary Lack of housing in the UK remains the top driver of housing market growth in the UK Property markets in regional cities like Manchester have surpassed London UK student property remains resilient to Brexit, growth predicted to hit £45.8bn by Sept 2017 Brexit effects still muted, international investors have greater appetite for UK real estate   The year 2016 was an eventful one for the UK property market, influenced significantly by changes to the stamp duty and Brexit. While these events will continue to underpin market growth in 2017, the critical lack of housing remains the market’s main driver, supporting property prices. This article highlights the various issues that will dominate the UK property landscape in 2017. Brexit Aftershock – A Final Window of Opportunity The market calmed down fairly quickly following the results of the EU Referendum.

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Emerging Trends 80 Days After Brexit

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It has been 2. 5 months since Brexit. By the end of Sept, the government will start to think steps to invoke Article 50, the ‘divorce process’ that will trigger the UK’s departure from the EU. The property market was among the sectors hit hardest by the referendum, with seven commercial property funds freezing trading within weeks, Reuters reports. However, some trends have emerged that allow for a better observation of the property sector, namely: UK property market players and investors are still confident about the future prospects of the market. Regional cities like Manchester & Liverpool continue to outperform London Alternative/specialist property like UK student property/purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) and hotels gained greater traction among investors due to its long leases and liquid returns Private rental sector remains significant as housing supply unable to keep up with demand   i. Future prospects of the market looks good. Regional cities like

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Brexit: UK Property Outlook

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In a surprisingly historic and shocking move, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU) on June 23rd, throwing the global community and stock markets into a furor. But what next? How will Brexit impact the economic and political climate? As expected, plenty of conjecture has surfaced through the cracks. Our research team at Cornerstone International Properties cuts through the noise of speculation and presents an unbiased view of what the future holds for the UK economy and residential property market. Political and financial uncertainty is affirmative, but nothing drastic as the world waits for Article 50 to kick off As we had correctly predicted in our Brexit FAQ published before the Referendum, Brexit has caused uncertainty, resulting in a tumble in the pound. The housing market has slowed down, but not at any rate worth panicking over. With David Cameron’s resignation, Theresa May has been elected into office as new Prime Minister. Only

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Press Release | Silver Lining Behind Brexit for Malaysian Investors

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For Immediate Release Silver Lining Behind Brexit for Malaysian Investors European Referendum holds many advantages for Malaysian investors Investors of UK property can take comfort that there is a silver lining behind the impending European Referendum. In the weeks leading up to Brexit, investors have been waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of the referendum on the UK economic and investments market should Britain exit the European Union (EU). Negative speculation has been rife with investors taking a wait and see approach, resulting in subdued demand in the property market especially in London. For CSI Properties (Cornerstone International) spokesperson Virata Thaivasigamony, however, Brexit offers a number of advantages to investors. “True, the market has been subdued because of uncertainty leading up to the referendum. However, the Brexit uncertainty presents great buying opportunities especially for buyers from countries with weak exchange rates, for example, Malaysia. In this short term,

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Brexit and the Foreign Property Investor

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The looming Brexit referendum is sending property investors into a bit of a worry whirl. What are the implications? Come June 23, UK citizens will vote on whether the nation should withdraw from the European Union. While there is still time before that happens, the uncertainty is a cause for concern across all industries in the UK. Here’s a Brexit FAQ specially for investors looking to invest in property in the UK. What is Brexit? Brexit refers to the campaign for a British Exit from the European Union, to end control by Brussels and give Britain the freedom to manage its own affairs. The referendum takes place on June 23. Currently, both factions are almost equally matched, with the pro-Europeans slightly ahead. What are the general economic implications of the current lead-up to Brexit on the UK? Clearly, the uncertainty has directly affected the market, resulting in, among others, (i)

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