Construction Update | One Wolstenholme Square

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One Wolstenholme Square This is a construction update notice. We at Cornerstone International Properties are glad to inform you that the One Wolstenholme Square project is on track for commencement of construction this June 2016. We are also pleased to present to our buyers and investors the latest site update as attached here as a digital publication. For a detailed breakdown of progress up to May 2016, kindly click on the image below.   You may click on the right facing arrow in the slideshow to turn the pages. To enlarge the report you may double-click on any image or page. Thank you! Cornerstone International Properties is the exclusive marketing agent of the One Wolstenholme Square project in Malaysia. For more information, kindly call us at 03-2162 2260. 

Gen-Y: The Future of the UK Property Market

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Part 1 of our Manchester series underscores research highlighting Manchester as the UK’s no. 1 property investment hotspot in the next 10 years. In Part 2, we discuss why Manchester is poised to have the strongest rental market in the UK. Video credit: Select Property Group According to Savills, demand for rented accommodation has increased by 17,500 households per month over the past decade to 2014. This demand for rented homes is set to rise by more than 1 million households over the next 5 years. The private rented sector in Manchester is slated to boom with over 10,000 new build-to-rent units are due to be built over the next few years. This is due largely to the Mancunian city’s largest concentration of young working adults, i.e. the Generation Y. 7 Reasons Why Generation Y is the Future of the UK’s Property Market – Select Property Group  They do not

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Australian Suburbs Blacklist 2016

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 Summary: AMP Bank has blacklisted 140 apartment suburbs across Australia due to oversupply and other issues Queensland and Western Australia lead with most blacklisted suburbs In Australian capital cities Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD tops the blacklist for high rise builds AMP BANK has blacklisted apartments in more than 140 suburbs due to growing concerns of oversupply, off-the-plan sales and falling prices. The list was leaked and published in the Australian Financial Review yesterday. The concern of oversupply could push down prices, rents and lead to defaults. AMP is not the only big lender circulating black lists, where buyers will face tougher terms on the amount borrowed, number of apartments purchased in a single development and a ban on using some incentives offered by developers, such as rental guarantees. Last year, NAB had blacklisted more than 80 suburbs across Down Under where they capped LTVs in the area. Currently, Queensland

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    MELBOURNE PROPERTY: CBD VS FRINGE Among all the states in Australia, statistics show that Victoria will have the largest population in the future, driven by massive and rapid growth in Melbourne city (source: CBRE). The Australia Bureau of Statistics projects that Melbourne will overtake Sydney as Australia’s biggest city in 2053. It’s easy to understand why – spurred by a highly diversified economy and world-class education and tourism, Melbourne has been named Most Liveable City five times consecutively since 2011. Smart investors looking to net significant rental income from the growing population have been investing their money in various suburbs across this beautiful city. The key question is, where is the best place to invest in Melbourne?   MELBOURNE CBD: SMART INVESTORS STAY AWAY Melbourne CBD is an amazing place – organized, pretty, artistic and with amazing walkability scores – and we love it! From an investment point

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Australian Property: Doomsayer’s Obsession

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“…we can live without gold, we can even now live without oil, we can live without stocks and shares, we can live without just about everything now, but we can’t live without somewhere to live. There is this whole crowd of people who love to give the property market a hard time as if it is a bad boy for making people money.” IN 2010, Steve Keen undertook a 224-kilometre walk from Canberra’s Parliament House to the Snowy Mountains’ Mount Kosciuszko wearing a T-shirt with the words, “I was hopelessly wrong on house prices. Ask me how.” The walk was the result of a lost wager – the economist had made a bet with Macquarie Bank analyst Rory Robertson that home prices would fall 40% from peak to trough in a year. Contrary to Keen’s prediction, capital city house prices in Australia rose by 12.1%, hitting a new high, as demand

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Investing In York: What The Experts Say

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MENTION York and the first thing that comes to mind are cobbled streets, Georgian townhouses and medieval property steeped in Roman influence. Pretty. Idyllic. Serene. But there’s more to York than mere charm. Property experts have touted York as the top rental cash cow in the UK — and it’s on paper, folks! Investing in York? CBRE released a report highlighting alternative cities for rental property investment (fig 1), and York is top on the list. Savills published a report of top 10 UK capital growth hotspots for 2015 – 2016 (fig 2) and York sits on top of the list – again .   The report cites that rental prices in York increased by a whopping 26% over 1 year, which is 7% more than the anywhere else in the UK (including London). Demand from students, who flocked to both of York’s universities (University of York and York St Johns University), and young

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