London Falling

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Increasingly, statistics reveal that growth is expanding outside London. The focus — be it for housing, jobs, resources, or investment — has moved to buzzing regional cities where business is booming on the back of lower costs and a higher quality of living.  The London housing market is struggling. Nationwide reports that London house prices have fallen for the first time in 8 years, and, at a record drop of 0.6% in September this year, London is the weakest performing region in the UK for the first time since 2005.   Outside London and across the UK, however — despite Brexit and concerns about the economy — prices are still rising, albeit at a slower pace than in recent years. And yet, while London’s house prices may have dropped, they remain unapproachable compared to the cities beyond. To date, house prices charting the most significant increases in England and Wales

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Housing Shortage Continues to Drive UK Property Market Growth in 2017 Summary Lack of housing in the UK remains the top driver of housing market growth in the UK Property markets in regional cities like Manchester have surpassed London UK student property remains resilient to Brexit, growth predicted to hit £45.8bn by Sept 2017 Brexit effects still muted, international investors have greater appetite for UK real estate   The year 2016 was an eventful one for the UK property market, influenced significantly by changes to the stamp duty and Brexit. While these events will continue to underpin market growth in 2017, the critical lack of housing remains the market’s main driver, supporting property prices. This article highlights the various issues that will dominate the UK property landscape in 2017. Brexit Aftershock – A Final Window of Opportunity The market calmed down fairly quickly following the results of the EU Referendum.

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Construction Update | Parliament Place

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We are pleased to present our buyers and investors the latest construction update for Parliament Place, Liverpool, attached below. The construction of Parliament Place is on track for a 2016 completion. For a detailed breakdown of progress up to May 2016, kindly click on the image below. Click on the right facing arrow to turn the page. You may enlarge the report by double-clicking on the image. Thank you! Cornerstone International Properties is the exclusive marketing agent of the Parliament Place project in Malaysia. For more information, kindly call us at 03-2162 2260. 

Gen-Y: The Future of the UK Property Market

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Part 1 of our Manchester series underscores research highlighting Manchester as the UK’s no. 1 property investment hotspot in the next 10 years. In Part 2, we discuss why Manchester is poised to have the strongest rental market in the UK. Video credit: Select Property Group According to Savills, demand for rented accommodation has increased by 17,500 households per month over the past decade to 2014. This demand for rented homes is set to rise by more than 1 million households over the next 5 years. The private rented sector in Manchester is slated to boom with over 10,000 new build-to-rent units are due to be built over the next few years. This is due largely to the Mancunian city’s largest concentration of young working adults, i.e. the Generation Y. 7 Reasons Why Generation Y is the Future of the UK’s Property Market – Select Property Group  They do not

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Construction Update | Parliament Place

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Buyers of Parliament Place will be pleased to know that the construction of the building is on track. For a detailed breakdown of construction up to February 2016, kindly click on the image below. Once you have done that, you may enlarge the report by double-clicking on the image.

Construction Update | London Spring Place Phase 1

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Buyers of London Spring Place Phase 1 will be pleased to know that the construction of the building is on track for a September 2016 completion. For a detailed breakdown of construction up to February 2016, kindly click on the image below. Once you have done that, you may enlarge the report by double-clicking on the image.

UK Student Property in 2016

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UK student property is the strongest investment platform today, surpassing other traditional real estate classes. In 2015, the UK student property sector saw investments to the tune of £6 billion – twice the amount invested in the sector in 2013 and 2014 combined. Experts say the sector is likely to see more investment in the years ahead. UK Student Property Formerly reserved for institutional investors, UK student property has become one of the most popular investment vehicles to date in the world of property investment. From a mere £500 million in 2010, direct investments in the sector reached £6 billion in 2015, surpassing the £3 billion in 2013 and 2014 combined. More significantly, this marks an increase of more than 300% over the £1.7 billion invested in 2014 alone. Is Growth in the Sector Set to Continue? The answer is yes. The fact remains that there is still an acute

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UK Property Outlook 2016

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Summary: Overall positive outlook across the UK, but central London growth subdued. Growth in the Northern cities due to governmental initiative and overall affordability amid high growth Student property remains a good investment option given structural under-supply The year started on a bleak note, no thanks to the current global economic climate. On the property front, the beginning of 2016 in the UK was headlined by policies to be imposed by the Chancellor on home-owners and landlords,such as future tax and stamp duty increases, and the abolition of mortgage income relief in 2017 – all this on top of predictions of a rise in Bank Rates, prompting doomsayers to predict an extreme downturn in the property market with projections stretching to 2021. Read how the rates increase affects the Malaysian investor here But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Forecasts are essential in helping the investor strategize, but it is crucial

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The Malaysian Investor & UK’s New Buy-to-Let Policies

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Good news for Buy-to-let Investors British housing prices have risen sharply in the last two years, thanks to record low interest rates, an under supply of property (vs. demand), and a strong employment market. Thus, annual rental returns are attractive, which bodes well for the buy-to-let investor. There are nearly 2 million private landlords in Britain, owning almost 20% of homes, and the positive environment has only added to the appeal of buy-to-let property, also known as rental property. However, the government is taking steps to cool the market in a bid to protect the interests of potential first-home buyers by introducing new tax rates on buy-to-let property. In a budget statement in November last year, Chancellor George Osborne announced that buy-to-let investors will have to pay a 3 percentage point higher rate of stamp duty than residential buyers due effective from April this year. Meanwhile, come 2017, landlords’ abilities to deduct

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