The Right Time to Invest in Perth

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“I like Perth and am thinking of investing in property there, but everyone says now’s a bad time. When is it a good time to invest?” Here’s a valid and oft-asked question. True, the Perth property market has hit a low but could now be the best time to focus on the Perth property market? Our answer is: “YES”. Questions will arise as to why now is a ‘bad’ time for investment, but here are 5 Reasons that challenges the status quo and explains why the time is NOW. #1 Affordable prices. Big choices. Greater yield potential The Perth property market is at the bottom of the current property cycle. Property prices here are among the most affordable of any capital city in mainland Australia, and half that of Sydney — perhaps the most affordable it has ever been. Perth residents are spending 21.5% of their monthly household income on

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Keeping A Close Watch on Perth Property

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Property in Melbourne and Sydney often hog  the limelight, but savvy and seasoned investors are keeping a close watch on the West Australian city of Perth.   West Australian property is proving its broad appeal, with new figures from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) revealing a total of 2043 approvals for foreign buyers, an increase of almost 30% from the 1572 in the previous financial year. To recap, Victoria topped the list with 16,775 approvals, followed by NSW with 12,349 and Queensland with 5023, with a big number of approvals for overseas buyers from the Chinese. The Numbers are Looking Good In the not too distant past, news had circulated of the mining slump adversely affecting Perth’s economy and softening the housing market. However, sales volume data up to March 2016 show signs of a bounce in consumer confidence. It appears that the property market is close to or

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The Silver Lining Behind Perth Property

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With property prices softened, buyers can now call the shots, purchasing real estate in some of the best suburbs at lowered prices. Strategic purchases will yield better returns and result in greater appreciation when the property market escalates. The Perth property market has been on a decline over the last few years, but it may be that the market has bottomed out. Official figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that Perth’s residential property prices jumped 0.5% in the December quarter, ending the ongoing trend of sliding property prices recorded since late 2013. That said, industry observers are remaining conservative, predicting a mild rise in prices (or for some, not at all) in 2016. Still, as they say, behind every cloud is a silver lining. It is now a buyers’ market in Perth and, coupled with low interest rates, a great time to shop for real estate. In time,

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Top 10 Buyers’ Market in Perth (Part II)

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In the second part of this blog, we touch on what the market players say about some of the suburbs listed in the Top 10 Perth Buyers’ Market List. These include top personnel from Properties Invest, Perth Property Partner, Harcourts Vogue, LJ Hooker and Midland Real Estate Plus. As we say, there are some upsides to the softening of the market!  Click on the icons in the map above to learn the locations of these areas and their proximity to Perth’s Top 3 universities. PERTH’S TOP 10 BUYERS’ MARKET LIST 1 Beeliar 2 Southern River 3 Midland 4 Piara Waters 5 Harrisdale 6 Burswood 7 Jane Brook 8 East Perth 9 Spearwood 10 Coogee Source:   The top markets for negotiating is calculated using supply and demand rations, average discounting and days on the market. Beeliar A good opportunity for owner-occupiers.  Fantastic location as it is close to Fremantle,

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Top 10 Buyers’ Market in Perth

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There are upsides to the softening of the property market in Perth. IT’S a buyers’ market now in several areas in Perth, including Beeliar, Southern River and Piara. With increased supply of newbuild apartments and houses, buyers can now haggle over pricing and purchase property at below replacement costs. recently published a list of Perth’s Top 10 Buyers’ Market allowing property hunters to negotiate on pricing.   PERTH’S TOP 10 BUYERS’ MARKET LIST 1 Beeliar 2 Southern River 3 Midland 4 Piara Waters 5 Harrisdale 6 Burswood 7 Jane Brook 8 East Perth 9 Spearwood 10 Coogee Source: That said, the Commonwealth Bank CoreLogic Home Buyers Index suggests that while there is still a continued high level of discounting, demand at Perth is at an equilibrium – a situation with implications that is described as “good” by Commonwealth Bank general manager of home buying, Dan Huggins. This is

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