Top 5 Places to Invest in UK Now

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News Update: Political turmoil, stamp duty issues and Brexit have an effect on the housing market in the UK this year. Yet, house prices are still on the rise, with the average price of a UK home now 10% above the Aug 2007 peak at £219,266. This is 42% higher than the low point of £154,663 in April 2009 according to Halifax. So, where is the top 5 places to invest in the UK now for great returns?  The key to finding the best places to invest is by observing the infrastructural changes and investments that go into a particular area. We have constantly stressed the importance of this factor to many investors as investments into an area indicate potential developments and expansion, as well as possible job creation. This will increase the number of people coming into an area, which will, in turn, increase the demand for housing. Simple

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Most Resilient Asset Class in the UK Property Market

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One of the most resilients in the UK property market is student property.  The UK property market has been mentioned in the news quite a fair bit. One of the issues that has consistently been bandied about is the UK property market and how it will augur in the face of the political upheaval that the country is going through, namely Brexit and the UK snap elections. Over the years, what’s clear is that the UK property market — which suffered at the global financial downturn — has become a tougher nut to crack. UK’s property market has remained resolute, with prices continuing to climb skyward. Underpinning this spiraling price hike is the critical undersupply of housing — a condition that is not just prevalent within the residential real estate sector, but also the student accommodation sector. Student property is now one of the most — if not the most

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