London Falling

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Increasingly, statistics reveal that growth is expanding outside London. The focus — be it for housing, jobs, resources, or investment — has moved to buzzing regional cities where business is booming on the back of lower costs and a higher quality of living.  The London housing market is struggling. Nationwide reports that London house prices have fallen for the first time in 8 years, and, at a record drop of 0.6% in September this year, London is the weakest performing region in the UK for the first time since 2005.   Outside London and across the UK, however — despite Brexit and concerns about the economy — prices are still rising, albeit at a slower pace than in recent years. And yet, while London’s house prices may have dropped, they remain unapproachable compared to the cities beyond. To date, house prices charting the most significant increases in England and Wales

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Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter is World-Class Innovation District

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Liverpool is on the cusp of becoming a world-class destination for science, innovation, education, technology and the creative and performing arts. The city’s £2bn vision to establish Liverpool’s 450-acre Knowledge Quarter as one of the world’s leading innovation districts, will further reinforce its status as one of the best student cities in the world. The Knowledge Quarter is one of five mayoral development zones in Liverpool. It spans a huge area mostly to the east of the city centre behind Lime Street Station, encompassing the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Sensor City, and the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Within the Knowledge Quarter are two major development sites: the £1bn Paddington Village and Knowledge Quarter Gateway. Another key development is the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool (KQ Liverpool) railway station, connected to the city’s underground network. Paddington Village

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Five New Investors for Liverpool City Region

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The city of Liverpool recently received a wave of new investors. These investors, comprising Danish energy firm DONG Energy, transport giants Alstom Transport and Stagecoach, Liverpool-based museum British Music Experience and training provider South West Regional Assessment Centre, are investing in the area as partners of the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). Under this partnership, all five organisations will now be able to contribute to growing the city region’s economy through the LEP alongside like-minded businesses and organisations LEPs are voluntary partnerships between local authorities and the private sector set up in 2011 by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills to lead economic growth, job creation and maximise return of investment within the local area. The Liverpool City Region, centred in Liverpool, also covers the local authority districts of Halton, Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral, and has a population of between 1.5 million and 2.3 million.

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The Waitrose Effect on UK House Prices

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Imagine adding almost £40,000 (!!!) to your house price value just by living in close proximity with Waitrose, Marks & Spencer or Sainsbury’s. Not convinced? Take it up with Lloyds Bank, whom we credit for the term ‘Waitrose Effect’. The bank released a research which revealed that properties within easy reach of local supermarkets have an added premium of  £21,512 on average compared to those in nearby areas. Living near Waitrose commands the highest premium, at more than £36,000 to the value of your property. Marks & Spencers comes in second at £29,992 additional premium, followed by Sainsbury’s (£26.081), Tesco (£22,072) and Iceland (£20,034). In its initial release in 2016, the research showed that property in the same postal district as Waitrose command the highest premium compared to other areas in the same town in 7 out of 10 regions of England and Wales. The largest premium is in the North

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VIDEO – UK General Election and the Housing Market

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The UK general election was called on 18 April. Unusually, news of the UK general election was not leaked, preventing a lengthy build-up in the housing markets. Virata Thaivasigamony, spokesperson of CSI Properties (Cornerstone International) shares his views on the subject. — Click on CC for subtitles. Or else, feel free to read the full transcript below: The Prime Minister’s call for a UK general election in (less than 6 weeks) was a surprising one. There are pros and cons, of course. The UK general election is an opportunity for the new government to create policies and a clean slate to do something for the voters. We all know that the no. 1 thing on voters’ minds are housing affordability and shortage of housing. On the day of the Prime Minister’s announcement, the pound dropped then rose to its highest level in weeks. In fact, it’s been on an upward

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UK Property and the Snap Election

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Prime Minister Theresa May’s surprising announcement for a snap election brings the British people to the polls again for the 3rd time in as many years. Image credit: dust has barely settled since Brexit, yet the UK is now bracing for another political turn of events, thanks to PM Theresa May’s call for a snap election this June. This will be the third time Britain will go to the polls in as many years. The surprising announcement saw shock waves reverberate across the FTSE and capital markets as an immediate reaction. Meanwhile, the IMF has revised up its forecast for UK growth this year – from 1.5% to a punchy 2%. “Naturally, there there are pros and cons. But in a nutshell, the election will pave the way to a clean slate, for the new government to gracefully negotiate Brexit to protect the interests of Britain and its investors/stakeholders. However, the

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Housing Shortage Continues to Drive UK Property Market Growth in 2017 Summary Lack of housing in the UK remains the top driver of housing market growth in the UK Property markets in regional cities like Manchester have surpassed London UK student property remains resilient to Brexit, growth predicted to hit £45.8bn by Sept 2017 Brexit effects still muted, international investors have greater appetite for UK real estate   The year 2016 was an eventful one for the UK property market, influenced significantly by changes to the stamp duty and Brexit. While these events will continue to underpin market growth in 2017, the critical lack of housing remains the market’s main driver, supporting property prices. This article highlights the various issues that will dominate the UK property landscape in 2017. Brexit Aftershock – A Final Window of Opportunity The market calmed down fairly quickly following the results of the EU Referendum.

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Construction Update | One Wolstenholme Square (Nov 2016)

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Work on the construction site of One Wolstenholme Square has been ongoing with some milestones achieved since the last update from the developer in October 2016. Here are the latest updates as at END November 2016 with supporting images for reference. While Block B steel frames are still in production, some significant achievements for this development is as follows: • Block A upper floor complete • Block A first fix M + E commenced to levels 1 – 3 • Block B reduced levels complete • Block B concrete foundation bases ongoing • Crane erected and operational The Epicentre of History & Culture Imagine being at the centre of a quaint and cultural city bustling with life and steeped in history…Welcome to One Wolstenholme Square, the latest £40 million development in the most desirable postcode in Liverpool. Located five minutes away from the city’s attractions and top university campuses, One

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Construction Update | Falkner Place (Nov 2016)

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Another month has passed and there has been progress on the construction site of Falkner Place. On behalf of the developer, here are the latest updates and supporting images for this development. The demolition of the existing structure and excavation of the site has been fully completed. Concrete foundations have been put into place, however, what is most noteworthy is that the ground slab works have completed while the building of the steel frames have commenced on schedule. Click on the image above to read and enlarge the report. About Falkner Place  Introducing Falkner Place, a new Georgian-inspired residential property investment located in the affluent Georgian Quarter of Liverpool. This impressive project will see 109 residential apartments built, ranging from studios, 1-bed, 1-bed duplex and 2-bed duplex units. Falkner Place at the Georgian Quarter is just a short walk from Liverpool’s city centre and its main attractions, hospitals and universities. Residents will be

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Construction Update | Falkner Place (Oct 2016)

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Construction on Falkner Place has commenced and we are pleased to present latest updates from the site in Liverpool as at END Oct 2016. To date, the foundations of construction have been executed at the site. This includes the completion of excavation and insitu foundations. Ground slab works have already begun and construction of steel frames will commence at the end of November 2016. About Falkner Place  Introducing Falkner Place, a new Georgian-inspired residential property investment located in the affluent Georgian Quarter of Liverpool. This impressive project will see 109 residential apartments built, ranging from studios, 1-bed, 1-bed duplex and 2-bed duplex units. Falkner Place at the Georgian Quarter is just a short walk from Liverpool’s city centre and its main attractions, hospitals and universities. Residents will be well-positioned to capitalise on the continued regeneration of Liverpool’s city centre and its surrounding area. Highlights  From £89,950 7% nett yield 3 years rental

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