Liverpool’s Massive Facelift

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Though more than 800 years old, the city of Liverpool is vibrant and alive. With a population of almost half a million, Liverpool is home to The Beatles, Liverpool FC, an amazing cultural heritage, several world-class universities, and a massive student population of more than 70,000! Indeed, it has earned a reputation as one of the UK’s top student cities. Liverpool is at the centre of the UK’s second largest regional economy with access to 6 million customers, an economy worth more than £121 billion and 252,000 businesses. This beautiful and historic waterfront metropolis is one of the core cities within the UK’s Northern Powerhouse, a government-led initiative to boost economic growth in the North of England by investing in skills, innovation, transport and culture, and devolving significant powers and budgets to directly elected mayors to ensure that decisions in the North are made by the North. Almost sounds like the

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Most Resilient Asset Class in the UK Property Market

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One of the most resilients in the UK property market is student property.  The UK property market has been mentioned in the news quite a fair bit. One of the issues that has consistently been bandied about is the UK property market and how it will augur in the face of the political upheaval that the country is going through, namely Brexit and the UK snap elections. Over the years, what’s clear is that the UK property market — which suffered at the global financial downturn — has become a tougher nut to crack. UK’s property market has remained resolute, with prices continuing to climb skyward. Underpinning this spiraling price hike is the critical undersupply of housing — a condition that is not just prevalent within the residential real estate sector, but also the student accommodation sector. Student property is now one of the most — if not the most

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Article 50 – What You Need to Know

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has officially triggered Article 50 which marks the beginning of a two-year negotiation process for the terms of UK’s exit from the EU. The UK will ask for free trade and control of immigration and lawmaking while, for the EU, the focus will be on ensuring that there is no easy ride for the British as it tries to safeguard the stability and commitment of its 27 remaining member states. Here’s a quick snapshot of the process and what to expect: It won’t be an easy exit It’s open season for both the UK and EU. According to Irish PM Enda Kenny, negotiations could turn vicious while European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said that the process will be “very, very, very difficult”. Not surprising — after all, this is a divorce from a 44-year ‘marriage’. Theresa May will also need to deal with the

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